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SEND Resourcing is a unique home-based recruitment consultancy,
designed to give you the freedom to achieve your perfect work/life balance.
Say goodbye to the daily commute, the high pressure targets,
the grind of the nine to five, or six, or seven, or eight...

Say hello to a new way of living.

Work in the cloud

When you join us at SEND Resourcing, we’ll provide you with a state-of-the-art recruitment package, which can be accessed via the cloud, wherever you choose to be. So you’re no longer tied to an office or even a desk. As long as you have your laptop, tablet or smart phone and an internet connection, you’re in business.

Our online package gives you all the leading job boards, contacts and office administration support at your fingertips whether you’re at home, in your favourite coffee shop or even relaxing on the beach. And, with our very generous commission packages, you could make a better living than you ever thought possible.


You’re an experienced Recruitment professional looking for the 
perfect work/life balance.

You know what you’re doing, you’re tired of jumping through hoops and you don’t need to be told when and where to work.

You’re self-motivated, self-assured and have the desire to match the perfect professional with the perfect position, while making the perfect future, and 
a very good living, for yourself.


My Cloud

In the cloud, SEND Resourcing has set up the perfect virtual office to service your every need.

From job boards to invoicing, administration support to factoring and all the back up you require.

Simply sign in from wherever you may be and enjoy all the benefits of the modern office without ever setting foot inside one.


SEND resourcing is a wholly owned subsidiary of Allens Accountants Ltd. We are attracting some of the best talent in the recruitment industry.

Recruiters who know there is a different way to work, establishing the perfect work/life balance, security of income and the freedom to earn what you want, when you want.



Contact us today and find out how working with SEND Resourcing can help you to achieve your perfect work/life balance.

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